Seven Romantic Winter Adventures

Couple snowshoeing, Toronto, Canada
Couple snowshoeing, Toronto, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s chilly, but listed here are some ways to spice up this Valentines day with some romantic, fun winter ideas.

1. The mountain ski resorts, of course! There may not be anything sexier than watching your significant other cruise down the slopes with ease. If that doesn’t happen, at least it’s still something exciting to do together and you can laugh at each other for being total rookies.


2. Plan a snowball fight. You can do this with other couples and friends somewhere you’ve never been before, like the woods or a new park. If you’re feeling frisky, try doing it in nothing but bikinis. Whoever wins gets a back massage.

3. Sunset Hike. We’ve all seen the pictures of our Colorado sunset. Pack a thermos full of hot chocolate (add some peppermint schnapps), take a drive up to Horsetooth and have a sunset hot chocolate date for two.

4. Go ice skating. To make it more fun, and maybe a little dangerous, go on a real lake (but be careful and make sure it’s actually suitable for two bodies to ride on) or even sneak into a closed rink. Nothing’s more fun than doing things you aren’t supposed to.

5. Snow Painting. Tap into your creative side and go somewhere where the snow hasn’t been touched and paint it. Food coloring should do the trick.

6. Moonlight Snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is completely underrated and actually fun! Try moonlight snowshoeing for more of an adventure. Get lost in the midst of a full moon.

7. Do something kind for others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or an animal rescue. How sweet is it seeing your partner being kind to others or cuddling with a puppy? Doing good deeds together can strengthen a relationship and make you two bond.

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