Love: 10 Reasons Why Being Single is Awfsome

Singles Awareness Day
Singles Awareness Day (Photo credit: Alegrya)

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All of us at one time or another can attest to why being single can be the best thing ever. We can also attest to why it can be the worst thing ever. Here are a few reasons why being single is…well…awfsome:


1. You are free and independent; you don’t need a man or woman in your life to be happy.

2. Your idea of Valentine’s Day includes a bottle of champagne and an endless supply of romantic comedies on Netflix.

3. You’ve saved so much cash, you aren’t sure if it can all fit in your wallet.

4. You have no relationship obligations to abide by.

5. That being said, you don’t get any action. Unless it’s in an alley. Outside a club. After a few too many drinks.

6. Bros before hoes. Chicks before dicks. Whatever floats your boat.

7. Whether it be a night out at the bar having a few beers with the boys or a night at home watching The Notebook sipping wine with the girls, you feel comfort knowing they are in the same situation as you: single and ready to mingle!  

8. Going stag. Or worse, hearing the words “I totally have someone that would be perfect for you….”

9. There is a day dedicated to you – National Singles Awareness Day (which is Feb. 15 by the way).

10. When talking to your great-aunt, you get asked if there are any boys/girls and then after saying a disgruntled no, a lecture as to why you need to try harder to spark interest.


So there you have it. While being single has its perks, it also has its drawbacks. Cherish the single moments because one day, unexpectedly, the tables with turn and you’ll find your Prince or Princess Charming.


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