Iguanas at the UCA

At University Center for the Arts, “The Night of the Iguana” will be creatively performed for the Fort Collins public. Directed by Walt Jones, this play consists of adventure, chaos, love, attraction and excitement. It is sure to be the perfect night entertainment.

A sneak peak of the performance lies in this: A former pastor, now tour guide, arrives in Mexico with a group of women tourists. At a hotel managed by his friend and former girlfriend, the main character struggles with chaotic delusions, sadness, alcohol use and attraction to an underage woman from the tour he is guiding.


During the chaos, a woman named Hannah appears with her dying grandpa, who is writing his last poem. In the midst of the chaos, the main character is said to be “at the end of his rope,” like the iguana that is kept tied up by some of the hotel employees. As the main character’s former lover tries to manage his tour party at the hotel, he begins to connect with the granddaughter and this play focuses on the development of their deep bond.

Freshman theatre major, Kalea Burke, is working on the technical crew for the performance.

“The show is great,” Burke said. “It is three hours of drama, relationships and interactions between every character. I think the audience will be interested and captured the whole time.”

A frequent attendee of the UCA theater performances and sociology major, Meredith Rader, is looking forward to the “romantic spark between the main character and the girl he meets.”

“I like watching plays involving romance and relationships,” Rader said, “it keeps the audience interested and helps them relate to the characters more.”

This play involves attraction and deep relationships, which is promised to keep all attendees in their seats!

The director, Walt Jones, has been a part of the theatre program since 2006, and was formerly a teacher of acting and directing at Yale School of Drama and University of California, San Diego. He has directed twice on Broadway and has directed other plays off of Broadway.

Among many actors that Walt Jones has directed are Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken, Lindsey Crouse, Max Wright and Jefferson Mays. A talented theatre enthusiast, Walt Jones’s directing of “The Night of the Iguana” is sure to greatly entertain the Fort Collins community. Don’t miss an opportunity to see one of the best theater performances this year!

Collegian Entertainment Reporter Rae Ehly can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.