Fashion Report Features WGSN

Attention all CSU students… WGSN has finally made its way onto campus! A lot of you may be wondering what that is… simply put, it is the world’s leading trend forecaster used by businesses for everything from apparel to interiors, prints to beauty and so much more. It was launched in 1998, and now provides analysis to the largest and most influential businesses including: Puma, Target, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess and Express.

CSU students now have access to WGSN and we need to take full advantage of this amazing resource. Even though WGSN offers a significant discount for education institutions, the price for subscription is still a hefty one that the library might not be willing to keep renewing unless they see a substantial use of this resource.  This is where all of you come in. Carol Engel-Enright, one of our fabulous professors in the Apparel and Merchandising Program, along with many others, worked very hard in order for us to have access to WGSN. The least we can do to thank her is to be constantly logging on and using WGSN in order to increase the usage. This will help convince the library to renew the subscription for five years, instead of the one-year, probationary subscription we are currently on. Not only will WGSN elevate the reputation of this university as a whole, it will keep you one step ahead of the trends and give you a competitive edge in the professional world after graduation. Treat it like your morning newspaper. Get excited. Get exploring.


Here’s how to access WGSN:

  1. Google CSU Libraries
  2. Click on the first link
  3. Type in WGSN into the search bar on the CSU libraries page
  4. Then Click “Access Online Version” next to WGSN
  5. It may ask you for you for your eID and ePassword since this service is only available for CSU students.
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