10 Sites to Procrastinate On

1. www.liveanimals.tv

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According to their website, “LiveAnimals TV is the world’s largest collection of animal webcams. Our site features 24/7 streams of wild animals, dogs, cats, birds, aquariums and more!” From the fuzzy to the scaly, it’s easy to spend hours cooing over baby animals or even marveling at the shark webcam.


2. www.postsecret.com

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Postsecret was brought to the world’s attention after the concept was used in the band All American Reject’s video “Dirty Little Secret.” Since then, the postsecret community  has grown into a guilty pleasure as more people anonymously send in their deepest darkest secrets for everyone to read.

3. www.sporcle.comScreen Shot 2014-02-16 at 10.56.43 PM

Enjoy quizzes and trivia? Sporcle is perfect for those who enjoy excising their memory and attention. There are quizzes and trivia for every topic imaginable and they’re all timed which makes it infuriating but succeeds in sucking hours out of your day.

4. www.stumbleupon.comScreen Shot 2014-02-16 at 11.09.42 PM

The internet is vast but sometimes simply googling isn’t enough to discover new website. Enter stumbleupon.com:  an addictive website that allows users to randomly browse the internet based on their interests.

5. virtualpiano.netScreen Shot 2014-02-16 at 11.16.47 PM

The virtual piano is a great way to pretend to be musically talented without the hassle of buying an instrument. It’s free, fun, and a little hard to figure out at first but completely worth it. The site even teaches you how to play well known piano scores but using your keyboard.

6. www.theoatmeal.com

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The Oatmeal is a hilarious distraction especially for those who enjoy comics about random topics ranging from dogs to zombies.

7. www.flashbynight.com

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Although the website claims it’s just, “coffee break entertainment” the slogan should be changed to “never-getting-any-work-done entrainment.” Flash by night is one of the best virtual game vortexes that includes quizzes, arcade games, puzzles, and more. The games are simple but dangerously addictive.

8. www.weavesilk.com

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Weavesilk.com is a highly entertaining, hypnotic, and addictive website to all budding artists and procrastinators. As the user draws their pictures they are mirrored on the other side. Not all creations are abstract, there are many talented people who’ve used weavesilk to draw superheroes, Pokemon, and original artwork.

9. www.incredibox.com

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Another website for music lovers, incredibox.com, “invites you to become the conductor of a group of human beatbox.” There’s hundreds if not thousands of different combinations users can do on incredibox and they all sound amazing.

10. www.tumblr.com

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Last but not least tumblr.com – the half social networking half blogging website – where users can find hours of  content based on their interests. What makes tumblr appealing is its ability to create communities and share multimedia entertainment.