Top 5 Fort Collins Restaurants You Need To Try

1. Little Bird Bake Shop

Little Bird Bake Shop, located in Old Town Square, is nothing less than a perfect morning spot. Serving homemade pastries, muffins, granola, scones, drip coffee and more—Little Bird is the answer to your sleepy self and empty stomach. Little Bird Bake Shop serves as a wonderful and friendly environment for coffee and breakfast with a friend, or a quiet morning spot to read the paper and finish your essay. There is a smell of fresh pastries being pulled from the oven and an ambiance that perfectly suits Old Town: quaint, cozy and welcoming.


2. Jay’s Bistro

If you are looking for a great date night, or a restaurant to impress your sweetheart, Jay’s Bistro can offer both. Located at 135 W. Oak St. in Old Town, Jay’s Bistro offers fresh and artistic cuisine, along with live jazz. The atmosphere includes dim lighting in the evening and a romantic, quiet setting during the day. In addition, the hardwood floors add to the cozy and artistic ambiance of Jay’s Bistro. Happy Hour is offered starting at 4 p.m. and includes unbeatable wine, cocktails and beer.

3. Croissants de France

Croissants de France, located around the corner from La Creperie on 163 W. Mountain Ave., offers fresh, homemade croissants of various kinds and delectable French macaroons of all flavors. Croissants include ham and cheese, chocolate, almond and more. This little spot is perfect for an afternoon snack or a sweet tooth craving. Not to forget, Croissants de France offers a punch card to their customers which means a free croissant at your eleventh visit. The friendly service and quaint, French-style ambiance makes for a delightful French experience in Old Town.

4. The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop

What is better than a chilled glass of Pino Grigio paired with hand-selected cheeses? The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop, located at 216 Pine St. in Old Town, offers over 40 select cheeses and a lovely list of wines to pair and enjoy in the late afternoon or evening. When stepping into the shop, you are greeted by the friendly staff and an inviting space. The staff assists you in choosing wine and cheese pairings, and serves you while you enjoy yourself. After you have enjoyed the wine and cheese, they encourage you to check out the “cheese accessories” located around the store—including chocolates, crackers, fruit preserves, knives and more. The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop is a hole-in-the-wall that you don’t want to miss!

5. Dam Good Tacos

Unless you are a frequent Alley Cat customer, chances are you haven’t been to Dam Good Tacos. Located beneath Alley Cat on 120 W. Laurel St., next door to Algier’s Hookah Lounge, Dam Good Tacos serves everything from scratch, and is open until 11 p.m. every night. That being said, after finishing your latte at the Alley Cat, you can run down and order hot tacos that will be delivered to you upstairs if you’d like. What more could a hungry college student ask for?

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