Seeing 20/20 with the Justin Timberlake Experience

Timberlake performing at St. Paul, Minnesota, ...
Timberlake performing at St. Paul, Minnesota, one of the venues of his first worldwide tour, FutureSex/LoveShow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Justin is coming to town. Not the one that gives young girls “Bieber Fever,” but the original heartthrob from *NSYNC. Justin Timberlake will perform and the Denver Pepsi Center Wednesday at 8 p.m.

The tour, which started Jan. 20, 2014 in Los Angeles will visit all over the world, including Israel, London and Russia before ending in Los Angeles on Aug. 12. It follows the March 2013 release of Timberlake’s latest album, “The 20/20 Experience.”


Timberlake won the Favorite Soul/R&B Album Award in 2013 at the American Music Awards for the album.

Latham Riffle, a junior applied computing technologies major, said he enjoys Timberlake’s music because it matures along with the artist.

“It’s not what you would typically expect,” Riffle said of the album. “It grows on you as a whole.”

Over the years, Timberlake has released several hit songs but his newest album proves he is not done yet. Looking at Timberlake’s top hits over the years, there is a variety of songs from both his early career and more recent, which is impressive for a comeback career.

According to Riffle, Timberlake’s newer songs are not as cheesy as some of his earlier songs.

His 2002 song “Cry Me a River” is a prime example. In the music video, Timberlake’s girlfriend cheats on him and he goes to get revenge. Although her face is never seen in the video, it is pretty clear the woman is supposed to be his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears.

Riffle plans to go to the concert with his girlfriend, who bought him tickets for both Justin Timberlake and Jason Mraz.

“I mean (Justin Timberlake) and Jason Mraz are my two favorite male artists,” Riffle said. “It’s a cool thing that just the two of us are going together. There’s something unique about sharing that experience with her.”

According to Justin Timberlake’s official website, tickets for tonight’s concert are sold out. In fact, many of his concerts between now and May are sold out. Unless you have front row seats tonight, you’ll need at least 20/20 vision to see his performance from the crowd.

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