Fort Collins’ Most Popular Drinks

A margarita from the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant.
CSU students vote the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant as having the best margarita in town in the 2013 Best of CSU vote.

Every weekend in Fort Collins brings different crowds, which means different drink preferences. Fortunately, Fort Collins hosts a diverse collection of bars and restaurants to cater to all locals, visitors and students. Fort Collins is notorious for its lively atmosphere and laid back people. It’s no surprise that this weekend’s most popular drinks suit Fort Collins’s personality perfectly. Simple mixed drinks and hearty beers sum up this weekend’s refreshments of choice. Bondi, Lucky’s, Mo Jeaux’s, Trailhead and The Rio brought in lively locals this weekend that particularly preferred certain beverages.

Bondi Beach Bar


Bondi Beach Bar claimed long island iced teas as a favorite for this past weekend. Typically made with triple sec, rum, gin, vodka, tequila and cola, this mixed drink is sure to give you a good time. There are different variations of a long island iced tea, including pineapple or raspberry flavors.

Lucky Joe’s Sidewalk Saloon

Lucky Joe’s Sidewalk Saloon satisfied Old Town with whiskey cokes over the weekend. Simple and rich in flavor, a whiskey coke is exactly what it sounds like. The dark and full flavor of whiskey blends beautifully with Coca Cola and are tasty and fun to drink.

 Mo Jeaux’s Bar and Grill

Fort Collins’ night life preferred Blue Moon and Sunshine beers at Mo Jeaux’s Bar and Grill this past Friday and Saturday night. Blue Moon has a pronounced orange and slightly sweet flavor in comparison to other beers. Sunshine is a crisp and lighter beer offering coriander and orange flavors with a hint of apple and honey.

Trailhead Tavern 

Trailhead Tavern was asked to keep it simple by Fort Collin’s night owls this weekend. Serving mostly Jägermeister, Fireball, Vodka and Jim Beam, Trailhead was full of energy and fun. Served on ice, mixed, or by the shot, these liquors are potent in flavor.

The Rio

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant is a hot spot for margarita lovers. That being said, it’s no surprise that this past weekend offered a fun-loving environment for groups and weekend adventurists. Sweet and salty all in one, a margarita from The Rio is forever going to be a weekend favorite for Fort Collins.

Though the weekend has passed and another full week lies ahead, we can be confident that next weekend holds new memories, fun and fresh drink choices. After seeing this weekend’s preferred drinks, take the time to try some new drink varieties from all the bars around Fort Collins.


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