Beyonce Knows


Beyoncé Knowles performing "Listen" ...
Beyoncé Knowles performing “Listen” during “The Beyoncé Experience” in Munich, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey friends!


It’s officially day two of second semester, meh.

It’s that slightly exciting time when you get to see new faces and have hopes of a better schedule, but it’s also a time when reality kicks back in, assignments start flowing, and stress gets the best of us.

That said, I’m determined to make this semester great and I’ve found some inspiration from the one and only, Beyoncé.

As we trudge into this new semester, here are 3 things we can take from Queen B:

1. Be fearless

Beyoncé’s secret project turned surprise self-titled album has become a platinum selling record and became “the fastest-selling album to ever hit iTunes,” according to a Huffington Post article, “Beyoncé’s Album Sales Cross 1 Million In iTunes.” Releasing an album without any prior notice or promotion was unheard of, but Queen B took the risk to defy convention and reaped the rewards. Taking risks is obviously scary, but it’s what sets people apart and makes things happen. Let’s try not to be so stuck in boxes that we can’t entertain our imaginations and aspirations.

2. Do things for yourself

We all know that she is probably the most amazing mother ever, but Beyoncé admits she still has dreams. In “Liberation,” part 4 of her YouTube documentary, she expresses pride in having just had a baby and still doing things she loves. Basically, you can have your cake and eat it, too. You can have a significant other, but you can still have personal interests. You can have a college major, but still have your own agenda. You can have other engagements without losing your individuality. So, do that.

3. Find your power

Personally, I think Beyoncé should run for presidency (Queen B 2016!), but that’s not exactly the power I’m referring to. Beyoncé plays up her strengths and finds energy in her passions. Each of us has unique passions, which is what makes this world pretty interesting, but passions also make people powerful. Whether you’re really into nature, or cooking, or fashion, use that for fuel or as an outlet, but nevertheless, be powerful in your passion.


That’s all. Go and conquer.