A two tone Army comes to toast your brain

4120819633_7aca5361b7The Aggie Theater always has an array of good musicians coming to Fort Collins. Tonight, they are bringing us The Toasters. Formed in New York, The Toasters are a Ska band with echelons to the Ramones, their “heros” and admiration from the skeptics of the genre over the years.

The Toasters are said to be one of the most influential “third-wave” Ska bands. Originating in Jamaica and making their way around Europe in the 60’s, The Toasters ignored the buzz that Ska music wouldn’t make it in the U.S. and continue to keep it alive.


Ska music brings a mixture of Jamaican type reggae with some rock steady blues, American jazz, pop and punk and up-tempo beats. The Toasters take the two-tone approach in their music mixing all of these different sounds and including more hard-hitting guitar chords and vocals.

What should concert-goers expect at a show from them?

“People should be ready to have a good time and jump up and down,” said Robert Hingley, guitar and vocals for the band.

Expect to hear some of their most popular songs like “Weekend in L.A.” with its harmonic introduction, “Secret Agent Man” a cover by Bluekilla and “East Side Beat” incorporating a lively trombone solo.

The Toasters formed in 1981 and play about 200 shows a year, totaling 5,000 gigs since forming. Hingley said that they have made it to the Aggie 20 times over the years.

“The Toasters have played the Aggie previously. I believe most recently in 2013 with Voodoo Glow Skulls and before that with the Ska is Dead tour in 2009.” said Cornelia Kane, the Aggie Theater publicist. “They put on an action-packed, fun-filled, super high-energy ska show.”

The band recently had their 30th anniversary as a band and claim to be the ‘longest running U.S. ska band.’ The Fort Collins music scene can’t seem to get enough.

“I started listening to The Toasters when I won free tickets to their show here at the Aggie,” said Kalli Kube, an attendee of the show. “I love reggae, good vibe music and that is exactly what The Toasters bring.”

The Toasters not only perform, they can also be heard on popular jingles from Coca-Cola and AOL to beer companies like Anheuser-Busch and Miller. The Toasters are a experimental band taking music to new levels incorporating tunes with whatever feels right to them while staying true to their Ska roots.

Collegian Entertainment Reporter Makaela Bamonti can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.