What are you listening to, CSU?

Dead week has arrived, bringing more cold weather, but also hope for warmer weather ahead.

With finals so close, how are your fellow students dealing? Most students in this week’s installment implied their music serves as background noise. Music choices around campus reflect the mood of students this week: stressed and ready for a break. Check out what songs students turn to in their pre-finals trance:


Elle Rauch, a junior journalism and technical communications major, says she chooses her music randomly in the morning. “I will just pick one artist when I bike here, so I won’t have to change my playlist,” Rauch said. Today she chose “Sand” by Phish.

Jeremy Wallace, a senior computer science major, turns to “The Afterman” by Coheed and Cambria. “It’s pretty mellow,” Wallace said. “It’s catchy and has good guitar work on it.”

Macie Helgenberger, a sophomore psychology major, found the vocals of Love and Theft to be comforting. “It’s sappy,” Helgenberger said.

Kyle Bandy, a freshman computer science major, tunes into “The Internet Box,” a comedy podcast, to help him through dead week. “It’s just sort of passive, something to listen to while walking to class,” Bandy said.

Freshman economics major Kally Johnson reminisced with Taylor Swift’s “Back to December.” Johnson has a different way of picking her songs. “I go on YouTube,” Johnson said. “Whatever’s in the related videos is what I click on.”

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