Sink your jaws into the new sushi scene

Spicy salmon sushi with sesame seeds.
Spicy salmon sushi with sesame seeds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing will chomp at your sushi craving quite like Jaws Sushi can in West Campus. Jaws has been open since Aug. 5 of this year, Jaws has been growing into a hot spot for CSU students looking for an authentic sushi experience, or a late night happy hour. Offering an 11 p.m. – 1 a.m. happy hour, the restaurant is growing in popularity among the young population.

Jaws Sushi offers a clean, modern atmosphere with exceptional service. Additionally, the staff is attentive and interested in accommodating your sushi preferences. For example, after choosing to sit at the sushi bar, I got to talking with the man behind the counter. I presented my cravings and questioned which rolls might satisfy them, and after he suggested a few of his favorites, he insisted that I design my own roll. For a foodie like me, it was a dream come true.


Knowing my spicy preferences, I picked my favorite flavors and textures. The first roll, which was oh-so-carefully designed, was a spicy tuna roll with avocado, wasabi tobiko (Tobiko is the Japanese word for the flying fish roe eggs, and is used for sushi most commonly) and grilled onions. The spicy tuna and wasabi tobiko perfectly complimented each other and provided just enough spice. The avocado added a creamy texture and freshness to the roll, and the grilled onions were crispy enough to give the sushi a satisfying crunch.

The second roll of choice was a popular one on the menu: The Original Kim-K Roll (Pre-Kanye). It consisted of tempura shrimp, cream cheese and cucumber, and topped with spicy tuna, sriracha, eel sauce, tempura crunchies and smelt roe. The roll was spicy from the sriracha and spicy tuna, but balanced by the cream cheese and cucumber. The tempura shrimp and crunchies added a crispy texture to the roll and the eel sauce and smelt roe left a sweet aftertaste.

Needless to say, Jaws Sushi is not your typical sushi joint. It is a hip spot catering to the younger population looking for a fun night out or a late night hangout. One can expect an inviting atmosphere, friendly staff and tasty creations. If you are looking for week-night plans, or a weekend dinner date, look no further. Jaws Sushi blows ordinary sushi joints out of the water.

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