Shakin’ Things Up: Shakes Alive Food Review

Eating healthy is trendy. Health food restaurants have been popping up, all with their own uniquely similar idea of making healthy foods craveable. For someone on a college budget, many of these places can be pricy. Shakes Alive, however, was not the case.

Located on the corner of Elizabeth Street and City Park Avenue, Shakes Alive opened about two months ago. Small, bright and clean, the shop sells a variety of items from shakes and smoothies to breakfast bagels and salads.


When I went into the restaurant, the workers were friendly and genuine.  At Shakes Alive, the workers were very helpful, which makes you feel more comfortable.

The restaurant has a variety of options as far as shakes and smoothies go. There are fruit shakes, which cost $3.75. These are simply fruit, ice and fruit puree. There are also smoothies, which are shakes with non-fat frozen yogurt. These smoothies cost $4.25.

Royals, which cost $4.50, are shakes topped with non-fat frozen yogurt. You can also add protein shots or additives to your drink for $0.75. Additives include antioxidant, multivitamin, high energy and weight loss.

There are flavors like strawberries and bananas, mango tango and cherry hurricane. For this food review, I decided to try a strawberry lemonade shake.

My shake was a little more tart than I was expecting. I did not really understand at first that the shakes have no dairy in them. I identify shakes with having ice cream in them and smoothies with ice, instead of ice cream. At Shakes Alive,  it was the other way around, which confused me when I was ordering.

I would definitely choose to get a smoothie over a shake next time. I tasted a strawberry banana smoothie, which I will definitely be ordering the next time because it tasted much better.

As far as food goes, there is not a huge variety. For breakfast, you can order a bagel and choose what to put on it, such as jelly, cream cheese, honey or peanut butter. If you want to, you can also get a hot bagel sandwich for $3.75. For $3.95, you can get granola with non-fat frozen yogurt and berries.

For lunch, there are sandwiches, wraps or salads available for $6.95. There are six different types of sandwiches and wraps and four salads to choose from. The sandwiches and wraps are a steal of a price because they include a side salad, chips, a pickle, pretzel and mint.

Because one of the workers told me the bagels are the most popular, I decided to try one. I chose to make my own bagel creation and went with a white bagel with strawberry jelly.

Although it was good, the bagel was nothing special. It tasted like one I could make for myself using bagels and jelly from the grocery store.


Overall, I would rate my experience at Shakes Alive as hopeful. It seems they are just getting started here in Fort Collins and they have a lot of potential. With some hard work and a little time, they could be the next big trend in Fort Collins eating.

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