Cuddling on a carriage ride

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English: Horse-drawn carriage Italiano: Carrozza e cavallo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you looking for the perfect holiday treat for you and your sweetie?

Imagine being cuddled up in a horse-drawn carriage ride under the falling snow and twinkling lights of Old Town, then getting dropped off at none other than the Melting Pot to share a deliciously romantic dessert.


Sounds too good to be true, and far too expensive for a broke college kid, right?

Wrong. It gets better, because it is only $25 for a couple and $40 if you want to make it a double date.

Colorado Carriage and Wagon has been serving the Fort Collins community for 13 years and this year’s holiday package is one of their most popular deals yet.

According to the owner of the Colorado Carriage and Wagon of Fort Collins, Jim Rice, the service books about 20 to 30 rides a night.

“On March 1, when we first begin taking reservations for December,  we get bombarded with phone calls to save a date and time,” Rice said. “That is a good package, I promise you, and a popular one at that.”

While many loyal riders like to reserve a spot months in advance, Rice says a two-day notice is all they ask for.

Monday through Friday carriage rides are offered from 4 to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, rides are available from noon to 9 p.m.

The ride begins in Old Town Square, winds through the frosty streets of Old Town for about 25 minutes, then ends at the Melting Pot on Mountain Avenue.

“What we do in Old Town Fort Collins is definitely very memorable,” Rice said. “A lot of people do proposals on our carriages — hundreds a year.”

The Melting Pot package will only be available until Dec. 30, but the rides continue all year long.


“In the summertime, we do the same package with milkshakes and cookies,” Rice said. “We have a very large following. We have had some families that have rode with us for 13 years. It becomes a family tradition.”

Emily Saxton, an undeclared freshman, thinks the Melting Pot carriage ride will be perfect for her and her boyfriend.

“What could possibly be better than cuddling up with your loved one on a carriage ride?” Saxton said. “With such a good price, I would love to take my boyfriend out.”

Renee Van Ineveld, junior psychology major, agrees that it does not get much sweeter than that. “It would be a great idea for a first date. It’s romantic and a lot more comfortable than walking through Old Town in the cold.”

However, for Van Ineveld, it sounds like just as much fun without a sweetheart.

“It’s something fun and different to do with a friend. It would be a new bonding experience and who doesn’t want to eat at the Melting Pot on a snowy day?” Ineveld said.

December is young and the snow is fresh, so invite your loved ones to a truly unforgettable night in a winter wonderland.

Reservations can be made with Colorado Carriage and Wagon at (970) 490-1958.

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