A taste of home before finals

With winter break a week away, it may seem pointless to put up the decorations. However, according to senior interior design major, Aubrey Beck, decorations make a personal space feel more like home.

“Simply with decorating, it’s going with your own style and what means a personal space for you,” Beck said.


On a college budget, and with many students going home for the holidays, decorating can seem out of the picture. Beck said there are lots of cheap, creative ways to decorate for the holidays.

Beck suggested finding ideas on websites like Pinterest. She said one trending idea is a flat tree made of wire and hooks.

“It’s not a real tree, but it’s flat and you can at least have a Christmas tree in your space,” Beck said.

Courtney Weisner, sophomore social work major, has two Christmas trees in her apartment with her roommates this year.

“I like the way it looks,” Weisner said. “I just like having lights everywhere.”

Weisner said she gets a lot of her ideas for decorating from Pinterest. She also said she and her roommates hang lights around the apartment and over their fireplace to lift the holiday spirit even more.

According to Beck, the most important part of decorating for the holidays is to make your space feel like home.

“Simply with decorating, it’s going with your own style and what means a personal space for you,” Beck said.

Josiah Savig, junior communication studies major, is a resident assistant in Parmalee Hall. Savig said he does not put up a lot of decorations on his hall, but that the residents decorate their doors and rooms.

“I think that they are especially excited to put up some of their own decorations,” Savig said.


According to Savig, the residents will put decorations on their doors and a lot will put up personal decorations in their dorm rooms.

“It reminds them of their home and special breaks they’ve had with their family,” Savig said.

For many people, decorating for the holidays helps them feel closer to home.

“It makes things feel more happy and in the holiday spirit,” Weisner said.

With finals so close, decorating is one way to feel less stressed and closer to home.

“It’s the simple things,” Beck said. “You don’t have to have a lot for the place to feel special enough for you to feel like the holidays.”

Collegian Entertainment Assistant Editor Amber Johnson can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.