The People’s Movement: Be the Change

Well hello!Kanapou Bay, Kaho‘olawe, Hawaii

So it’s my blogging debut and I am especially enthralled with what I have to share with you tonight!


I am excited to say that very recently I have joined in a cause that combines my love of fashion with my passion for preserving our environment as a college rep for The People’s Movement.

This brand creates eco-conscious products and is on a mission to fight single use plastic that is plaguing our oceans. The effects of this waste on the environment are heartbreaking.

I hope that everyone will click the link above to learn more about the problems we face and what this movement is doing to help. Even RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad is all in!

As a culture, we rely on plastic, but as individuals, we can make better choices. I encourage everyone to use your consumer power to take a stand.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

If any of you are in the market for some sweet new shoes or anything else, The People’s Movement has provided me the following code, MOVR13, to share with you all and take 50% off your purchase.

I am so excited for the change that together we can create!