The most popular drinks at Fort Collins bars

Not all drinks are created equal.

Five of the most popular bars in Fort Collins shared what their top three alcoholic beverages sold over the weekend were.


According to Lucky Joe’s Sidewalk Saloon, their booze blockbusters were the Irish Car Bomb, a beer cocktail of Irish stout, Irish cream, and Irish whiskey. They also sold a lot of the ever-popular drink dubbed Chicks Dig It, which is a mix of vodka, triple sec, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and ginger ale. Couple it with a Guinness Stout beer and it creates a lethal combination of flavors.

According to Luscious Nectar Juice Lounge, their hit cocktails was the Adios Mo Fo, which is gin, rum, tequila, vodka, sweet and sour, Sprite and Blue Curacao liqueur mixed together. They also sold the White Russian, a mix of vodka, coffee liqueur and cream on the rocks. Even though Halloween has passed, the Zombie cocktail sold well — it involves fruit juices, liqueurs and rums.

According to Taps Sports Bar and Grill, they have 40 different beers on tap, as well as special weekend deals for CSU and the Broncos. This past weekend their most popular beers were: Coors, Coors Light and Bud Light.

This weekend, CooperSmith’s sold spirits which lifted their customers’ spirits. These included their Cucumber Chiller of cucumbers, ice, mint leaves, sugar, limes, vodka, Cointreau and club soda. Their Bloody Mary and their margaritas were also a hit.

According to Town Pump, their bestsellers were their Town Pump Pale Ale, Jell-O Shots, and what they called their “toxic” cherries, a mixture featuring Everclear.

In this quaint college town of ours, the most popular drinks vary from week to week as much as they do between bars, but one thing will remain constant: people will keep coming back.

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