Global Village Museum Hosts Date Night

We live in a city with numerous top-notch restaurants, swanky late-night hot spots and cozy, pleasant coffee shops. Unfortunately, exploring the variety that Fort Collins has to offer results in a blow to your bank account — especially when it comes to taking your sweetheart out on a Friday night.

As a young couple, it can be difficult to find activities to do together that do not conflict with work, school or budget. However, the new “Date Night at the Museum” event located at the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures offers a cheap and adventurous twist to your typical Friday night out.


On the third Friday of each month, Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures is offering a “Date Night at the Museum” for couples who are looking for a night of discovering and exploring. This upcoming Friday, Nov. 15, Date Night will be from 5-8 p.m.

It includes a walk through the “Legacy of the Andes” exhibit and South American teas and cookies. According to Lavon Blaesi, the museum director, Date Night was prompted by the desire “to attract the younger population and provide an evening event for the college kids out and about downtown.”

The Andes exhibit is “an exhibit including a walk through the Andes mountains, historical medicines, plants, weavings and costumes,” Blaesi said. “We also offer hot drinks such as hot cocoa and teas and we provide desserts to sample and taste throughout the exhibit.”

Students and seniors pay $1.50, $2.50 adults and 50 cents for children. This cultural night of adventure is located at 200 W. Mountain Ave.

Freshman Elizabeth Ramsdell, a health and exercise science major, plans on attending the Andean exhibit with her boyfriend.

“I would totally do that,” Ramsdell said, “(My boyfriend) and I have been to art and cultural walks before and have really enjoyed them. (He) is super into history and he’d just be excited to eat food and enjoy it with me!”

Regardless of your cultural knowledge, spending time with your date and attending an adventurous event is a unique way to spend time together.

Katie Flemming, a political science and communications major, thinks the ‘Date Night at the Museum’ sounds “really fascinating.”

“I would love to learn about the Andean culture, and I know my boyfriend would love it too,” Flemming said.

The featured exhibit, “Legacy of the Andes,” offers a night of South American desserts and cultural exploration through the history of the Andes Mountain traditions and way of life.


Date Night at the Museum is a creative way to spend a Friday night with someone that is special to you. Take advantage of this affordable evening event and dive into the Andean civilization.

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