Foodie Walk Feast

Tonight from 5-8 p.m., walk around Fort Collins sampling the finest foods Old Town has to offer in the free self-guided Fort Collins Foodie Walk. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this month’s theme revolves around the holiday of family and food. If you can’t make it this time, don’t worry because the Foodie Walk happens the third Friday of every month.

The Fort Collins Community has embraced the gourmet foodie element of the walk, which celebrated its one-year anniversary last month.


“It’s taken off by leaps and bounds,” said Peggy Lyle, assistant director of the Downtown Fort Collins Business Association.

To prepare you for this culinary excursion, we’ve created a list of treats being offered:

1. The Cupboard

152 S. College Ave.

This kitchen store will be demoing a handheld stick blender. “It blends directly in the pan,” said store manager Patty Snyder. “It’s more convenient than a normal blender.” The blender will whip up some whipped cream for hot cocoa and make a delicious fall soup.

2. Happy Lucky’s Teahouse

236 Walnut St.

When one thinks of Thanksgiving, the words “turkey dinner,” “football” and “nap time” might come to mind. Happy Lucky’s Teahouse will be serving teas based off of these key images and flavors.

3. Kilwins Chocolates and Ice Cream

114 S. College Ave.


Oldtown’s favorite sweet shop will be showing off Mackinac Island fudge with live demonstrations at the front of the store. Free samples will be given to those that stop by the shop.

4. Old Town Spice Shop

220 Linden St.

Rather than come up with a dish oriented around each month’s theme, Old Town Spice Shop highlights the creations of other businesses that use their signature spices. This month, Cupcake Cruisers will have three cupcakes to sample. Chocolate Loves Chocolate cupcake uses the spice shop’s vanilla extract and cocoa while Vanilla Loves Vanilla uses vanilla and almond extract. To spice things up, the third cupcake is Chai Spice, which is made with cardamon, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, chai and vanilla extract.

5. Rocky Mountain Olive Oil Company

114 N. College Ave.

Hot chocolate flavored with balsamic vinegar will be the olive oil store’s unique treat. “We want people to think outside the box,” said owner Nicole Crisanti. “It’s a great way to sweeten without the sugar.”

6. Savory Spice Shop

123 N. College Ave.

Owner Susan Kirkpatrick collaborated with Josh from Gannett Ridge Hunting Equipment to create elk chile and cornbread. “We highlight wild game in the fall because a lot of our customers are hunters,” Kirkpatrick said. The shop also sells a special spice blend tailored towards game meat.

7. Crescendo

123 N. College Ave.

Seasonal root vegetables made with pumpkin seed oil and balsamic vinegar will be offered at this spice, vinegar and oil store. “We like to use what’s available,” said Lesli Tanski, co-owner of Crescendo. “People crave comfort food and warmer things to eat in the fall and our nut and seed oils are nice and comforting.”

8. The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop

216 Pine St.

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without cranberries so The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop aims to deliver. “It’s the quintessential holiday food,” said Dean Hines, owner of The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop. They’ll be serving cranberry crusted chèvre from Canada that pairs well with a cranberry orange bread provided by Great Harvest.

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