Farmer’s Market Year Round

As the skies grow darker, the days become shorter and the air becomes colder. By now, you might be missing the warm, lazy days of summertime in Fort Collins.

Strolling through the Farmer’s Market, tasting the sweet fruits, smelling the organic creams and lotions, admiring the handcrafted trinkets — this captures a perfect summer day.


In Fort Collins, Farmer’s Markets are cherished as a place where families and friends alike can go to enjoy products and an incredible atmosphere.

Here is the good news: the good times don’t end when the warm days fade to cold.

Instead, the Farmers Market is moved indoors to the Opera Galleria in Old Town Fort Collins from Nov. 9 until April 5.

It’s the same fun, just a new location.

There are typically 45 vendors offering a variety of winter vegetables, wines, shampoos, lotions, baked goods, crafts and much more.

The Fort Collins Food Co-operative is a locally owned grocery store that helps organize the Winter Farmer’s Market. FCFC has been serving the Fort Collins community since 1972.

“There is something special about the Winter Farmer’s Market,” said Caroline Tracz, the Outreach Director for FCFC. “Hosting the event at the Opera Galleria gives it a great atmosphere. It provides an intimate environment for vendors to engage with customers.”

There will be live local music, activities for children and food carts.

“It gives the public a chance to put a face behind the products and know where their food comes from,” Tracz said. “It also gives the vendors a chance to interact directly with their customers — something you can’t get at any regular grocery store trip.”

Many Fort Collins citizens don’t realize they can still enjoy a Farmer’s Market during the cold seasons.


“I think the indoor  Farmer’s Market in the winter would be awesome since I’ve only had the chance to go during the summer,” said Britni Rockwell, an sophomore undeclared major. “It would be interesting to see what’s available in the winter season.”

Rockwell goes every Sunday over the summer.

“It’s more than just grocery shopping, Farmer’s Markets have a fun atmosphere with booths that support not only local farmers but also local artists and businesses,” Rockwell said.

Mackenzie Michels, sophomore health and food science major, admits that having a Farmer’s Market so close to campus during the school year would encourage her to buy locally.

“I’d rather go to a Farmer’s Market than Walmart or Safeway for produce,” said Michels. “With a Winter Farmer’s Market, I would go more often because it would be more convenient for me and my schedule.”

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