Pitch Perfect: CSU Edition

Gleeks, lend CSU your ears. The Ram community is now home to two co-ed a cappella groups with plays on words for titles, Bassic and the Resonant RAMblings, which are the hosts for upcoming events that will give you something to do other than quote “Pitch Perfect.”

Bassic is the newer of the two. According to President and Music Director Angela Gesicki, she founded the group in September 2013 with Vice President Schyler Vargas. Gesicki is a former RAMbling, and she and Vargas developed the basic idea for Bassic in 2012.


“I found the RAMblings and sang with them for a year as a sophomore at CSU,” Gisecki said. “After having that great experience, I wanted to create something of my own and give more opportunities to those who also enjoy singing.”

According to Resonant RAMbling, Kelli Brewster, the RAMblings have existed for years, long enough to foster a tradition of passing down one song in particular through what she describes as “generations” of  RAMblings.

Brewster performed in choir and jazz a cappella throughout high school. When comparing the experiences, she finds that the RAMblings have a more committed setting for musicians.

“This is more serious,” Brewster said.

The fun reputation of the RAMblings attracted Brewster to them when she was inspired by watching one of their performances last year.

Bassic works to create new interpretations of their song covers.

“All of the music we are doing are our own arrangements,” Vargas said, “so for me, I would love to learn more about arranging.”

For now, Bassic has comparatively less history than the RAMblings, but it is working hard to forge its own legacy.

According to Bassic singer Brittany Golden, the newness of the group encourages them to exercise valuable professional skills as they build a fanbase, such as marketing, networking, fundraising, reaching out to the Fort Collins community at large and bringing the members closer together.

“We’re like one big, happy family,” Golden said.


One of these instances of community involvement from Bassic was their Oct. 25 debut show at Bisetti’s, a family-owned Italian restaurant which has served Old Town for over 30 years. National talent scouts who were coincidentally dining there that Friday night took Gesicki aside to compliment her, after recording the gig on their cameras.

According to Brewster, the RAMblings also emphasize community outreach, singing at weddings and even a veterinary hospital for somebody’s birthday. Both Bassic and the RAMblings plan to volunteer for RamRide in the future.

Fans can check out Bassic’s Facebook page for posts about events, such as their forthcoming performance at Morgan Library or in the Lory Student Center plaza, and, eventually, a spring 2014 showcase.

“We will be having a Spring Showcase next semester where we will have our first full blown performance,” Gesicki said. “You can most definitely expect us to be having fun!”

According to Brewster, the RAMblings are set to perform a showcase of their own at the LSC, Dec. 13.

Collegian Reporter Hunter Goddard can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.