Bitter Cold Doesn’t Keep FoCo Community From Local Art

Every first Friday, residents of Fort Collins head to Old Town to check out the latest art. Photo by John Sheesley
Every first Friday, residents of Fort Collins head to Old Town to check out the latest art. Photo by John Sheesley

Drizzling, breezy 39 degree weather, that felt like 27, set the scene for October’s First Friday Gallery Walk. Still, the Fort Collins community came out to support the local artists in large numbers.

Marcy Silverstein, a volunteer artist at the Artist Association of Northern Colorado, feels the art walk is a tradition. “The town has had the First Friday Art Walk for as long as I can remember,” she said. Friday can be a competitive night in terms of what people choose to do whether it’s going out to eat, seeing a movie or attending a party. Most of the local community believes the art walk remains successful because Old Town is a hoppin’ place on Friday nights.


The art walk attracts everyone from seniors to children. “Being in Old Town helps us bring in the college crowd because they are already down here,” said Christine M. Torrez, a local oil and graphite artist.

Silverstein feels it is important for not only college students but the entire community to appreciate art. “Real original art is good for the soul,” she said. Another local artist, James Cole, agrees. “Art is another facet of our civilization,” he said. “Without it, you are missing something.”

Jojo Fossatti and her husband John enjoy the art walk because it fits into their Friday night plans. “We had dinner plans at Jay’s Bistro, and I wanted a good lemon margarita,” she explained. The Fossatti’s were able to enjoy the art walk while they waited for their dinner reservation.

The Fort Collins community takes pride in their town Fossatti said. The art walk allows people to go out and enjoy what the town has to offer. The overwhelming support for the arts, even on a bitter cold night, is a testament to this.

In addition to the convenient time the event takes place, the community also has a chance to interact with the local artists- something that most people wouldn’t be able to do on any other occasion. “Artists tend to be in the galleries on First Friday,” Cole said.  “I think that is a main draw.”

An inexpensive way to spend a friday night, the artists of Fort Collins encourage all of the community to attend, including CSU students.

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