A truly rude nude

Based on the 9/27 RamTalk — That awkward moment when you see the nude figure drawing model fully clothed on campus.

Our university is the stage for a hot controversy that is trending in the art community right now. A female nude model was seen crossing the CSU campus on Wednesday afternoon wearing at least two layers of clothing — tops and bottoms. As you may already know, this type of action goes against all nude model codes and it will be brought to the attention of the Nude American Nude Model Association of America.


While modeling in the nude may come off as classless to some, it is a beautiful and celebrated tradition in most of the world. Models used to slang their genitals for kings and queens of Renaissance times. They would reveal their bits and pieces to create an artistic expression of the human form in Ancient Greece. So, when a nude model is seen sporting a Fila pantsuit on the plaza, it’s a slap in the face to a gorgeous and ancient tradition.

Julie Miltin, a senior opossum studies major and nude model herself, is disgusted that a model would even consider wearing clothing.

“Nude modeling is, like, really serious.” Miltin said. “It takes a lot for me to go out and show off my sweater puppies every day, but I do it to make the art community a better place. Anyone who would take that away doesn’t deserve to reveal their gens.”

Junior Oriental rug major Gray Thommas doesn’t know much about nude modeling, but saw the girl in the pantsuit on Wednesday.

“Yeah, I’m thinking about taking a figure drawing class now,” Thommas said. “I just think that I would like it, that’s all. You know, because boobs.”

Although the punishment for the pantsuit perpetrator isn’t clear yet, it’s safe to say that her nude modeling days are over. As for the art community, they may have to find a replacement model to stand in for the time being. Nude models make a good deal of money and can show of their rockin bods. Sign me up!

Entertainment Writer Davis English can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.