The best job ever

Imagine a job where you could jam out to your favorite tunes while just hanging out in the warm sun and fresh air. Can you say best job ever? Well, 22-year-old Cory Henderson sure can.

Henderson works at the Recycled Cycles bicycle shop on College Avenue and Harmony Road. If you don’t recognize the name of the shop, you might just remember seeing Henderson on the street corner, sign in hand, dancing the workday away.


Henderson has waved signs for Recycled Cycles for three years, and he disagrees with people that think sign waving is dull or miserable.

“Sometimes it’s hard work,” Henderson said. “But I get to listen to my music all day. I think it’s the best job ever.”

His rock n’ roll playlist keeps him full of energy while he is working, but a little friendly competition really keeps him on his toes. Several other sign wavers cover the busy intersection promoting a wide variety of other shops.

“We keep each other pumped up. I think to myself, ‘I can’t let the others look better than me,'” Henderson said. “Sometimes I stop to catch my breath and a car will drive up and say, ‘Hey you should be jumping around like that other guy!'”

John Neff, 20, who can sometimes be found on the corner opposite Henderson calls it “friendly banter.”

“I instigate most of the competition,” Neff laughed. “I tell the others I have them beat and have more customers coming to my store.”

Neff works as a back-end loader and sign waver for the Walmart off the intersection. Not only does Neff enjoy his job, but he believes that waving signs really does attract attention.

“I guarantee I got customers to come to my store,” Neff said. “I stood out.”

However, Neff and Henderson both agreed that their favorite part of the job is not seeing who can get the most customers, but the surge of energy they get when their audience cheers them on.

“The coolest thing is the cars passing by honking and taking videos,” Neff said.


Neff and Henderson both have big plans for the future. Neff wants to study architectural design and engineering, and Henderson hopes to someday be a film producer. However, for now, they are happy working their way to those goals one sign at a time, showing people that their job is more than it is cracked up to be.

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