Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally play at Avogadro’s Number

NellJim-5325 squareBluegrass artists Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally have recently come out with a new album, House & Garden, celebrating the beauty of the outdoors and natural life. Naturally, the place to tour for an album like that is Colorado.

“It’s neat because people in Colorado really appreciate the outdoors, nature and living things,” Robinson said.


However, the two have been very busy on the road. “We haven’t been able to get out and run around,” Nunally said, “yet.”

However, they expressed that they have enjoyed the scenery driving from venue to venue in Colo.

Robinson and Nunally don’t always necessarily play together, but when they do they mesh perfectly.

“We have two voices with lots of harmonies,” Robinson said, “and Jim’s guitar, which is almost like a third voice.”

“We’ll play a few recognizable songs” for the crowd to sing along to, Robinson said. But they did, after all, just release an album. “There will be lots of new songs too.”

“I’ve heard Avogadro’s Number is a very fun place to play,” Robinson said. “I think it’s going to be a very, very fun show.”

Susan Gibson and Robert Cline will open for the duo at Avogadro’s Number (605 S Mason Street). The show begins at 8 p.m. and the cost is $10. More information can be found at Avogadro’s Number’s site and Robinson and Nunally’s site. Their music can also be heard at Robinson and Nunally’s site.

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