Putting the ‘art’ in Artery

art at the arteryAt the heart of both Old town and the Northern Colorado art scene will be the new art studio venue named the Artery, which will give life to the wide variety of arts here in Fort Collins.

This past Friday the missing piece to the art scene here in NoCo moved into Old town. A set of 17 art studios that were designed to stimulate the creativity of artists across a wide range will celebrate and showcase art in Fort Collins in a whole new way.


The Artery, which you will find in a historic building on the corner of Linden and College, has been beautifully renovated into a unique art gallery, art studios and events venue. It will rent studios to visual artists and creative businesses, host concerts and gallery walks, teach classes and workshops on all sorts of mediums and much more.

“The environment at the Artery is ideal for artists to tap into their creativity,” said Shea Fitzgerald, a photo editor at PHOCO photography, “The energy from Old Town combined with the charm of the old building really gives an inspirational feel.”

Establishing a space that is a center for art is the whole idea of the Artery, as a “main artery” to the arts here in Fort Collins; these studios will provide a community of art inclined individuals to come and be inspired by one another.

“We aim to create a collaborative environment for artists, musicians and everyone in between,” said Amy Bradley, the director of the operating house. “We already have nine spaces rented and there are painters, graphic designers, photo editors and videographers; we have practically everything but sculpting so far.”

But it doesn’t stop there; Bradley said that there are many things in store for the Artery that will further expand its palette.

“We hope in the near future to install a high quality auditory recording studio,” said Bradley. “It will be aimed at both self-promoting musical artists and already established bands, the idea is to have a studio where it will be convenient for musical groups to record a song or two.”

All artists who rent a studio will have 24 hour access with a key to the building, so that whenever they are inspired, even if that time is at 3 am, they can come in and craft inspirational work.

“I know right when I got out of art school it was hard for me to find a place to start” said Bradley. “I think the Artery will provide a place for artists to begin their creative process and have the tools and community there for help if they need it.”

Many of our own aspiring CSU art students and alumni will be a part of this new hub for the arts. There are six students and recently past students that will be renting space at the artery to bring their own fresh flavor to the artery community.

Fort Collins Brewing Company has also joined the fun by renting a studio for their very own ‘art brewer.’ FCB will be holding a contest that selects two artists of their choosing to share a rented studio at the artery to create pieces for both themselves and the brewery.


Artists are moving in now, but the grand opening will be on Friday, June 7. The opening ceremonies will include an exhibition of art along with the artists behind it, food, beer by FCB and even a couple of musical acts. The event will be completely free, starting at 6:30 p.m. It will be an evening of fun to show everything that the Artery has to offer.

So whether you are looking to be the lifeblood of the artery with your own artistic ability or just want to check out the new creative corner of Old Town, walk down to 252 Linden St. and see everything the Artery is pumping out.

Entertainment Writer Emily Senkosky can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.