The Werks play at the Aggie in Fort Collins

The Werks 2012Claimed to be “A rising power in the national jam band scene” by Columbus Alive, the Werks will rock the house at the Aggie Thursday night at 8 p.m.

The Werks, although filed under the rock genre, has been noted for their musical improvisation and exploration of songs across multiple genres. “Creating their own ‘Psychedelic Dance Rock,’ the Werks fuse shredding guitar with the screaming organ of jam and classic rock, the slap bass of funk and the more modern sounds of synthesizers and dance beats,” said their publicist, Dave Weissman.


“We’re a rock band first and foremost, but we always have long improvisational jams,” said drummer Rob Chafin. “We thrive on watching the audience dance, so we try to fuel that as best we can.”

So what can you expect from the Werks?

Longtime fan Rhonda Rosebud Barcia wrote in a letter to the Collegian that she has searched for something like The Werks and has found nothing like it. “They’re not the Grateful Dead, they’re not Phish, they are The Werks,” she wrote, describing their music as “12 to 20 minute songs without a single lyric that bring energy levels to stratospheric proportions sets this band apart.”

Coming back to Colorado for the umpteenth time, but only to Fort Collins for the second, Drummer Rob says that the band is “Very excited, ecstatic if you will,” to be back, especially in the venue of the Aggie. “We’re actually busting out a few new songs; these songs will debut at the Aggie,” says Rob.

This show will open with Eminence Ensemble, a five piece progressive electronic rock group out of Boulder.

So if you are looking to jam come try the band that does a little bit of everything and always serves up ‘the Werks.’