Percussion in the Spring

Some ethnic percussion instruments Français : ...
Some ethnic percussion instruments Français : Des instruments de percussion ethniques (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As inspired by its other culture programs, the CSU Center for the Arts will be putting on a World Percussion Concert this coming Sunday in Griffin Hall at 2 p.m.

The music program here at CSU, although unknown to some, has been an up-and-coming world renowned leader in college performing arts. Two branches of the music department have sent their students internationally to either compete or perform.


The CSU marching band went to Ireland just this past March for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Under the direction of their teacher Dr. Frey they were able to make their mark on a world stage.

“I’m very proud of the accomplishments of the marching band under the direction of Dr. Frey,” wrote Tiffany Blake, assistant professor of CSU’s Department of Music and Dance in a letter to the Collegian. “It has been wonderful to work with him and his ensemble this semester prepared a beautiful piece of music.”

But they aren’t the only ones — the CSU Music Department’s success seems to be having a domino effect amongst its many branches.

In addition to the marching band’s climb to fame the Canero String Quartet will be traveling to Orvieto Musica Festival in Italy this  coming June. They will have the chance to perform amongst a vibrant community of musicians from the United States and beyond.

“Only eight to 10 string players are selected for this entire festival, and since we have a traditional string quartet there will be four CSU students travelling to Italy,” said Margaret Miller a CSU music and arts staff member who is directly involved with the group. “It is actually quite an honor that they were chosen to go.”

Next up to shine for our very own Music department will be the percussion assembly in their concert this coming Sunday; but instead of going to the far corners of the map to perform the assembly will bring the world class flavor to Fort Collins.

“The concert will include CSU Percussion Ensemble, the Vasanta Percussion Quartet and the CSU African Drum and Dance Ensemble,” said Carrie Care, chief organizer for the event, “We have a pretty eclectic performance this year, but it is all centered on percussion.”

The prices will be $7 for CSU students, $1 for youth and $12 for adults.

“If you are looking for a high energy concert that is fun for all ages World of Percussion is it,” said Carrie.

The assortment of drums will beat in hopes of gaining the recognition they deserve, and will be sure to keep up the good work being done by the entire music department.


So come and experience the world at your doorstep while supporting the school’s arts at the World Percussion Concert on Sunday.