Dubstep and powwow combined in performance by A Tribe Called Red at CSU Lory Student Center

Indigenous Afterdark @VIMAF 2012
Indigenous Afterdark @VIMAF 2012 (Photo credit: jencastrotakespictures)

Dubstep is the new thing, and powwows have been around for centuries. A Tribe Called Red has incorporated both.

ATCR is a dubstep music group from Canada that has mixed the popular beats of dubstep with the traditional chants of Native American powwow music.


The Native American Cultural Center has collaborated with the CSU Campus Activities program to put on a free performance by ATCR Wednesday, March 13 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Lory Student Center Theatre.

“A Tribe Called Red has been recognized for their unique approach … while visually reclaiming Native images in their shows,” said Leslee Lovato, assistant director of NACC. “We look forward to having this international First Nations group on campus.”

The goal is that students will learn about the Native American culture while enjoying the performance.

“A Tribe Called Red shows how the Native American music genre is evolving and reaching out to a younger generation,” said Tyrone Smith, director of NACC. “I encourage students to experience something different and to see a little bit of a different culture.”

NACC works to help generate cultural awareness on campus. Smith said because there are such a small percentage of Native American students on campus, this program helps share the Native American culture with the Fort Collins community.

NACC hosts several events around campus throughout the school year, including an annual powwow where students can hear traditional music.

ATCR is a creative step in furthering Native American cultural awareness as well as a fun, free concert.

“They are one of a kind. I don’t think anyone else does the kind of music they do,” said Kodi Phelps, student organizer of Campus Activities. “You wouldn’t think those two types of music would fit together, but it works.”