CSU “Destinations” fashion show to be held at Lincoln Center

Tatum Butnett models a dress that will appear in Friday's fashion show put on by CSU Fashion Group International.
Tatum Butnett models a dress that will appear in Friday’s fashion show put on by CSU Fashion Group International.

Where can you observe a runway show full of designer pieces featuring themes from “urban edge” and “extreme altitudes,” to “mystic woodlands” and “European elegance?”

No, it’s not Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week; it’s CSU’s Senior Fashion Show, “Destinations.”


The show features 25 student designers and the collections they’ve been working on since the fall. The theme was decided by the previous class, many of whom studied abroad.

“There are a lot of designers who have a lot of European inspirations. Students have studied couture in Paris and Venezuela,” said Megan Timlin, chair of the public relations committee for the show. “One girl studied in London and she has a very classic British look with top hats and long tapered jackets.”

“We have active wear, day wear, evening and street style with the colors and graphics,” Timlin said.

A section of the show will be dedicated to students studying draping techniques who used recycled parachutes to create garments, three of which were showcased at a museum in Denver.

The major difference between this show and those in past years is the change of location to the Lincoln Center, as well as duration of the show — instead of taking place multiple nights, this year it’s a one-night spectacular.

“We have to try to fill 1,200 seats, but we’ve already sold 900 tickets so we’re expecting it to be a big show,” Timlin said.

The planning of the event kicked off in June, before the senior capstone class had even begun.

“We had a lot less time this year and we had a bigger venue,” said Jillian Hall, a communications major and apparel merchandising minor, and one of the directors of the show. “We have to fit the VIP dinner, high school tours and the show into one night.”

“Everyone thinks that fashion isn’t here,” said Stephanie Parrino, who is also a director of the show. “They just think we’re a bunch of cowboys … but there’s nothing else like this fashion show in Northern Colorado.”

With the standard of the venue raised, the designers’ talent has raised with it.


“This is the best set of designers we’ve had, as a whole they’re the best collections,” Timlin said. “There’s so much talent in the fashion design department.”

According to Timlin, companies have already bought a few of the designers’ collections. Others have been featured in local magazines, and one designer’s creation was featured in Italian Vogue — a feat that not even many professional designers can claim.

At the show will be celebrity judges, including Project Runway designer Fallene Wells, The Villager newspaper’s Scotty Iverson and a guest judge from 303 Magazine in Denver.

The winners will get certificates for their portfolios — and a taste of reality.

“Seniors work so hard for hundreds of hours for this show, but that doesn’t even compare to how much work they’ve had the (last) three years,” Timlin said. “This show signifies their step into the real world.”