Blind Pig: A mix of bland and bold

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From karaoke to Bingo, the Blind Pig sees a packed house with a great atmosphere on most nights.


Just make sure you eat before you go.

The spread of pub-style food offered on the menu is extensive and at first glance, intriguing. But that’s where it ends.

While the chips are fried and crispy, both the green and red salsas alongside it are nothing more than bland.

The chicken tacos are nothing worth raving about, and while the green chili mac and cheese is one of those intriguing items you’ll come across scanning the menu, I beg of you, please don’t do it to yourself. It comes down to the most basic of things: If there is no hint of cheese in a macaroni and cheese, there is a fundamental problem. On top of that, the green chili flavor tastes like it comes from artificial flavoring. The lack of spice and cheese make this a more than bland option.

It’s hard to mess up wings, so if you have to eat something, these are what to get. There’s a variety of sauces and dry rub options, most of which have more of a punch than anything else on the menu.

If you do decide to risk the food, make sure to save some room for after-dinner drinks.

The Moscow Mule is one of a kind, taking the gingered beer to a whole new level. It’s slightly sweet and the combination of that sweetness and the bitterness of the ginger is absolutely perfect.

The Sangria Fizz, Coconut Mojito and Sonic Limeade are all sweet treats that are bound to leave you refreshed.

While the food was nothing special, the atmosphere and the people in the joint are worth stopping in to check out. It’s exactly the kind of place this city needs. A local bar with a relaxed atmosphere where people can go any night of the week and enjoy a drink and the company of friends. And a bonus: the staff is friendly, funny and seems genuinely interested in taking care of its guests.

The bar located in Old Town on Linden Street has been completely renovated since it was previously open as Wall Street.


Bookcases with old books and antique knick-knacks line the walls, as well as big screen TV’s and one larger than life projector. While the bar area is quite small, there are plenty of tables and booths on either side to pile a group of friends into for an entertaining evening.

For the atmosphere’s sake, let’s hope that the bar can survive the seemingly doomed location.

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