Oscar Award Ceremony viewing at Lyric Cinema Café

whoa MOMMMA (Photo credit: FrogStarB)

As you probably know, the annual Oscar Award Ceremony is coming up this Sunday, Feb. 24.

If you were planning on curling up on the couch with some of the week’s leftovers to watch this year’s Oscars, maybe you should reconsider; instead, attend “Oscar Night” at the Lyric Cinema Café, dressed in “red carpet attire” to enjoy it with friends over appetizers and mixed beverages.


This will not be your average viewing party. Articulate City, the Art and Culture Club of Northern Colorado, has planned games, bets, goodie bags and even a “Best Dressed Award”.

Everyone is encouraged to come for a $20 fee at the door.

“It’s just a good excuse to get dressed up, get together and have a good time,” said Ben Mozer, owner of the Lyric.

This will be the third consecutive year that Articulate City has collaborated with the Lyric Cinema Café to host “Oscar Night”.

“The Lyric Cinema Café is a community oriented movie theater that responds to what the community wants,” Mozer said. “‘Oscar Night’ is just another excuse to have a big party.”

Events like “Oscar Night” bring about a great sense of camaraderie for people in the Fort Collins community.

Co-owner and co-founder of Articulate City, Jeanie Sutter, said, “The inspiration (for ‘Oscar Night’) was us wanting to have a very cultural event centered around a community celebrated event like watching the Oscars.”

Sutter and her sister founded Articulate City seven years ago and have since been dubbed the “co-queens” of the organization. Through Articulate City, they are hoping to spread an appreciation for the arts within the young population of Fort Collins.

“Articulate City is a way for young people to transition from college into the community. We host fun social events for new people trying to figure out their place in society.”

If Articulate City sounds like the place for you, it is easy to become a member. For only a $25 annual fee, you will have early information on cultural events happing in the Fort Collins community, and also discounts.


“There are so many great opportunities in Fort Collins that people don’t know about, or maybe just don’t have anyone to go with, but Articulate City provides people with a chance to meet others interested in the same things,” said Brent Waugh, marketing chair of Articulate City.

Articulate City works hand in hand with local businesses throughout Fort Collins to develop several other events like “Oscar Night”.

“We encourage people to sign up for Articulate City not only to get involved with the arts, but to give back to the arts through the support of local businesses like the Lyric Cinema Café,” Waugh said.

So put on your camera-ready smile, grab some friends, and get on the Articulate City website to snatch the best seats in the house for the “Oscar Night” party. (www.articulatecity.com/rsvp)

Music and Performing Arts Beat Reporter Peyton Garcia can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.