Public flexing is not acceptable

This fictional column is based on the Ramtalk, “That awkward moment when you’re walking into the bathroom at the rec center and walk in on someone flexing in the mirror,” which originally appeared in the Sept. 28 Collegian


A male CSU student was incredibly embarrassed when he was caught flexing in the mirror in the CSU Recreation Center’s bathroom. The frequent Rec patron, Bruce Yung (a sophomore civil engineer major) has “never been so humiliated,” and will be taking a break from going to the CSU gym until this whole flexing ordeal blows over.

Yung reportedly felt that he was in the bathroom alone, so he naturally started checking himself out in order to examine his physical progress. He was in the middle of a radical delt-flex when Tailor Wiyeld, a freshman horticulture major, walked in.

“I had just gotten finished with my traps workout,” Yung said. “You know, the one that really kills down in the core. I then went on to my legs,” he went on, “they’re really turning out great.” Yung went out to describe several workouts before stating how uncomfortable the situation was when Wiyeld entered the bathroom. “I was all, like, embarrassed, bro,” Yung said.

“It was super weird,” Wiyeld said, “I feel for him, but at the same time he needs to wait until he gets home to check out his sweet delts.” Wiyeld went on to say that Yung immediately stopped checking himself out and pretended that he was adjusting his belt buckle — a belt buckle he wasn’t wearing.

Incidents like this are on the rise here on campus. Last month alone, 15 people reported witnessing self-flex-checks in the Rec Center and numerous others have undoubtedly gone unreported.

As for Yung, he says that he will be working out at another local gym until Wiyeld and others forget about the incident that transpired between the two. Although his muscles may be enormous, his self-confidence is not and he should be all, like, embarrassed…