New Belgium hosts fundraiser for Fort Collins Symphony

Two things you’d never think to combine — classical music and drinking — will merge harmoniously at New Belgium Brewery on Friday night at their “Bach and Beer” event.

That’s right, (legally-aged) students… you can get drunk whilst enjoying the musical artistry of Johann Sebastian Bach. You’ll never feel classier.


New Belgium is hosting the event as a fundraiser for the Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra (FCS).

“We have our loyal and regular following at the Fort Collins Symphony because it’s been in the Northern Colorado area for around 50 years now,” said Sally Buonpane, event coordinator for the FCS.

“But we were hoping that this year we could branch out,” Buonpane said, “and try to connect with people that haven’t been interested or involved with the symphony in the past.”

“Bach and Beer” is the second event in a series of “Out of the Box” events the FCS is hosting this year. “Out of the Box” events are all symphony-related, but do not take place at their usual venue, the Lincoln Center, according to Buonpane.

“This is the first year we’ve tried to do these ‘Out of the Box’ events,” Buonpane said. “This is a whole new direction the symphony wanted to go in.”

“Bach and Beer,” which runs from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, will be held in a private, upstairs tasting room at New Belgium.

The featured musician will be Joel Bacon, CSU associate professor of music. Bacon, a renowned organ player, will be playing the harpsichord at “Bach and Beer” because the organ is too heavy for transporting to the venue.

“He’s going to play small snippets (of Bach music),” Bounpane said. “It’ll be a little bit, take a break, get another beer, then he’ll play a little bit more. It’ll really be low key and fun.”

Wes Kenney, music director for the FCS, will also be present at the event to visit with guests.

Tickets for “Bach and Beer” cost $20 and are available online. At press time, about half of the approximately 100 available tickets for the event had been sold. All proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to the FCS.


According to Bryan Simpson, media relations director for New Belgium Brewing Co., the price of a ticket gets you two beers and appetizers such as pretzel sticks and other small snacks. Guests have the option of purchasing additional $5 tickets if they’d like more than two beers.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit