Top 5 reasons to eat at Ras-ka this weekend

By Greg Mees | RMSMC 
Updated: 05/03/12 11:53pm

1. If you’re looking to get out and try some great food before finals, the Ethiopian restaurant Ras-ka is the place to go. My suggestion: Try the meatballs or any of the fish and you’ll be happy.

2. For the price you’ll pay, you’re going to get a plate of food that could fill you up for days. And man, is it delicious.


3. One of the best things about Ras-ka is the fact that everything is homemade right in front of you. The owner cooks everything in the small kitchen right in the restaurant, and it gives off a fun, college-town vibe.

4. The restaurant is extremely small, which gives it an intimate feel you don’t get at most places.

5. And to top it all off, it’s within walking distance of campus, so there’s no excuse not to grab some friends, enjoy the spring weather and eat some fantastic grub.

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