SERIOUSLY: Netflix orders 11 more seasons of ’13 Reasons Why’ against audience wishes

Elena Waldman

Twitter post, person rants on Twitter about hatred for Netflix Original series "13 Reasons Why"
Twitter user @noine_noine expresses discontent with the way “13 Reasons Why” addresses suicide.
(Courtesy of Twitter user @noine_noine)

Despite audience pleas to cancel the series, Netflix has just ordered 11 more seasons of “13 Reasons Why.” Each season will utilize a different telecommunications method to drive the plot, creating a full 13 seasons. Season three, titled “13 Reasons Why: Even More Reasons,” is set to release July 3.

Though not much is known yet about the season, executive producer Brian Yorkey revealed that hidden notes and messages will be available to characters; however, they will not appear as tapes or Polaroid photos.


Clay isn’t kidding around anymore…This season he’s a Metallica fan, and it shows.” – executive producer Brian Yorkey.

“The series has explored the tapes Hannah made previous to her death, and season 2 introduced the Polaroid photos taken of her,” Yorkey said. “What we haven’t explored yet are the morse code messages Hannah encoded via Telegraph before the tapes, that were only made for a few of the characters.”

Dylan Minnette, who plays protagonist Clay on the show, is confirmed to return even angstier than previous seasons. This season, he will abandon his bicycle for a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

“Clay isn’t kidding around anymore – he has no patience left,” Yorkey said. “This season he’s a Metallica fan, and it shows.”

Not much has been revealed about the remainder of the characters, but many of the themes from previous seasons will be revisited.

Due to the heavy backlash from audiences about the controversial ways in which the show addressed mental health and sexual assault, various experts will be hired for the production of the show. To reduce audience dissatisfaction, Yorkey said producer Selena Gomez will be stepping down and HBO veteran Lena Dunham will join the project as a producer and consultant.

“Lena Dunham has been so helpful in the making of the show,” Yorkey said. “We really think she can make this a more nuanced and thoughtful representation about what goes through the teenage mind.”

Dunham commented on her participation in the show, saying the visceral hate she receives on Twitter on a daily basis mirrors the every day struggles of many high schoolers.

“I actually relate to Hannah in a lot of ways, which is why I feel deeply honored to be a part of it,” Dunham said. “(Twitter) is a particularly heteronormative violent space, and people like me don’t always feel safe or welcome… (Twitter) often reminds me of the hypercapitalist military industrial complex in America, which I think “13 Reasons Why” is ultimately about. I think Hannah felt that way about high school. The difference between Hannah and I is that I refuse to give into the bullies. I will not delete my Twitter.”

Arguably, the announcement of the fourth season has brought in significantly more controversy than it has excitement.

“I can’t begin to understand why they’re doing this,” Twitter user Katelyn Hill said. “They canceled ‘One Day at a Time’ but kept the show that’s essentially universally hated? It makes no sense.”


Despite audience backlash, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said the 11 new seasons will ultimately be a beneficial relationship between Netflix and its audiences.

“It’s important we talk about things like mental health,” Hastings said. “If the only way to do that is to revive a show that has historically created more harm than good, so be it.”

Editor’s note: This is a satire piece for April Fools Day. Real names may be used in fictitious/semi-fictitious ways. Those who do not like reading editor’s notes are subject to being offended.

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