Pipes bring convenience that can’t be beat

Elizabeth White, Cannabis Reporter

For centuries, presidents, literary legends and college students alike have relied on one device: the pipe. Since bongs were introduced after the pipe was first invented by Egyptians in 2000 B.C., the debate between pipe and bong has raged on. ​​No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there is no denying the simplicity and ease synonymous with pipe smoking. 

Foremost, pipes are small devices usually made from glass, bone or the cob of corn that can fit discreetly in most places, notably the pant pocket. Contrasting the clunky, obvious nature of smoking a bong in public, pipe smokers are able to enjoy cannabis in a way that is both easy and respectful to potential onlookers. Pipe users relish in their ability to not only discreetly store and use their pipe but take it with them wherever they go, making the pipe an incredible asset for bud-smokers on the go.


Pipes are also less conspicuous for the closeted stoner, as a pipe can allow you to disguise yourself as a sophisticated tobacco smoker; meanwhile, bongs are known for one thing and one thing only. Loud and proud, baby.

Whether you are considering purchasing a bong or already own one, please know it will inevitably break — probably in an unexpected, messy and costly fashion. While you might get used to the smell of bacteria and mildew-infused bong water, pipe smokers can avoid this situation altogether.

Both bongs and pipes are commonly made from glass, though bongs are typically far easier to break and more expensive to fix. For pipes, the quality of glass is something of a nonfactor because the size of the smoking device enables it to withstand accidental pressure or impact. 

Plus, glass is but one of many materials that pipe stems can be made from — wood, metal, ceramic and basically anything that can withstand heat could be crafted into a pipe. This is a good thing for pipe users because if they ever need to replace their device, the cheapest option (usually between $10 and $15) is still a quality investment. Remember, the cheaper the bong, the thinner the glass and the easier it is to break. If you’re buying for the first time or replacing your bong, expect to shell out at least $60 for a decent quality piece. 

If you find yourself in the frustrating scenario of having weed and nothing to smoke it out of, a pipe can be fashioned out of virtually anything from an apple to a soda can. Yes, most of your stoner friends have a bong, but even they can’t deny the reliability, effectiveness and accessibility of a pipe. There’s a reason ancient civilizations have been using pipes to get stoned since 2000 B.C. It’s because it works every time.

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