Cooking with Marijuana

Lena Ham

If you’re familiar with cannabis, you’re probably familiar with the munchies. It’s known that frequent users get an overwhelming wave of hunger when they’re high. While it’s easy to reach from the bag of flamin’ hot cheetos, maybe you should think about making these snacks beforehand and you’ll kill two birds with one stone–you’ll have a delicious snack but it’ll also get you high.


Cooking with marijuana isn’t uncommon, and it isn’t new. Users who don’t like to smoke it or use it for a medical reasons actually prefer to cook with the drug, it does the same thing but needs to be prepared in a certain way. Cooking with cannabis generally requires cannabutter or cannaoil to replace the normal fat in recipes but it needs to be heated in a certain way or you could run the risk of ruining of your recipe! Not every recipe can be made with cannabis however, only those with a fat or oil will do the trick.

Measuring is key. While you could just throw everything into a bowl and hope for the best, that’s probably not the route you want to take when cooking with cannabis. Before you begin cooking, make sure you’re cooking with the strain you like and know how high you’d like to get. However, cooking with marijuana will give you the same experience as smoking it, but people warn that the effects are much more intense and can last a lot longer if you’re not careful! Be prepared too, because it can also take time to get high when you’re ingesting it. One website claims it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, so don’t panic if you eat a brownie and don’t feel anything for quite awhile.

If you aren’t up to cooking with cannabis, there are a number of great edibles available at dispensaries. Flower Power Botanicals located north of Old Town has a fantastic selection, then you don’t have to cook but can enjoy a edible. They offer chocolate, gummies, caramel chews, cookies, brownies, fruit drinks and soda. The cost varies depending on the milligrams you choose to buy, which can be anywhere from $7-$45. If you don’t feel like cooking or ingesting, don’t fret you still have options. At Flower Power Botanicals you can purchase lotion, patches, wax, shatter and cartridges for vaping.

Scott Solary, the general manager of the dispensary says he’s seen the impact that medical marijuana has had on patients firsthand. In fact, he thinks that the legalization of marijuana has had a positive impact on Colorado’s economy, “I think tourism and tax revenue would be at the top, many jobs have been created because of the legalization,” said Solary.

While you can make the traditional pot brownies, HERB a self-described cannabis news, culture and information website has hundreds of recipes ranging from rasta pasta to avocado toast. If you plan on trying to cook with cannabis, try macaroni and cheese, their famous peanut butter canna-kiss cookies or granola! Flower Power Botanicals located in Fort Collins, Colorado sells both medical and recreational marijuana. Those who do have a medical marijuana card are able purchase here as well as those who want to use cannabis recreationally are allowed to purchase if you’re 21 years or older. The dispensary is open Monday through Friday, 8:15am.-6:50pm, at 1308 Duff Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80524.