Florida continues to fight for medical marijuana

Capelli D'Angelo

English: U.S._Government_Medical_Marijuana_cro...
English: U.S. Government Medical Marijuana crop. University of Mississippi. Oxford (Source: Forever In the Public Domain. (if you love something, set it Free)) (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Five nurseries have been built in the state of Florida to house grow operations once the medical marijuana industry is officially legalized. According to WPBF News, activists opposing the measure argue that teen use will go up.

“Youth use is going to go up, and that’s our main concern. We see it with alcohol every day,” said Jeff Kadel, from the Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition.


The state hopes to have permits finalized by summer of 2016 to begin growing.

Joey Jones lives in Boca Raton, Florida where he suffers from brain cancer. He recently started treating his symptoms with medical marijuana and has noticed a tremendous increase in comfort. The pain is less severe and it helps his appetite.

“It’s also controlled my seizures, too, which is a huge part,” Jones said. “I only had one seizure which revealed my tumor and I haven’t had any seizures since.”

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