Will Ohio be the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana?

Capelli D'Angelo

Commonly-displayed artist's rendering of the 1...
Commonly-displayed artist’s rendering of the 1996 Great Seal of Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today citizens of Ohio vote on Issue 2 and Issue 3. If Issue 3 is passed, Ohio will be the first state to legalize medical and recreational marijuana at once, according to the Washington Post.

Recent poll results show Ohioans have a split opinion on the measure. Bowling Green University surveyed around 800 people, 44 percent of whom supported Issue 3, and 43 percent were against it. Around 13 percent claimed they are undecided.


It is hard to make predictions on the outcome of today’s election with close poll results like these, but in a separate survey 56 percent said they support Issue 2. If Issue 2 is passed, it will remain illegal to cultivate, grow, sell and possess marijuana.

If Ohio decides to legalize cannabis, 10 grow sites will be licensed across the state. Issue 2 would prevent these facilities from opening.

To read more about the Ohio state election happening today, check out the full article posted in the Washington Post.