Start the day off with a cup of cannabis infused coffee

Capelli D'Angelo

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...
English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de kafo. Français : Photo d’une tasse de caffé Español: Taza de café (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the marijuana industry booming, people are realizing how profitable the plant can really be. Adam Stites, founder and CEO of Mirth Provisions, has created the ultimate wake and bake, according to the Denver Post.

Legal” is a coffee drink infused with cannabis. It is brewed cold, and each serving has 20 milligrams of THC. Stites spoke at a conference in Las Vegas last month, explaining how the drink improves focus.


“Our customers are not looking to get blown out of their mind, just ever so slightly tilt their relativity,” Stites said at the conference. “It’s great for a Sunday morning, where I’m at a teahouse reading the newspaper and want to focus and get some work done.”

The company was officially launched in September of 2014. Since then, he has already raked in roughly $439,815, most of which was earned this year.

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