Illinois medical marijuana patients turned away

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Medical Marijuana surrounding a vapor...
English: Medical Marijuana surrounding a vaporizer for healthy intake of the medicine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today medical marijuana patients in Illinois are celebrating their newly found right to smoke cannabis, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Chris Favela, a 19-year-old resident of Itaska, was the first in the state to legally purchase medical marijuana. He paid around $180 for nine grams of flower at EarthMed, a dispensary in Addison.


Favela suffers from multiple sclerosis, one of the 40 qualifying diseases to obtain a medical card in Illinois. “I think it’s fantastic,” Favela said. “It’s going to help patients that are suffering. I take a lot of medication and if this reduces it…I’m a fan.”

Some patients were not as lucky as Favela. To purchase inventory from a dispensary, patients must not only be approved by the state, but their cards must be registered 24 hours prior to purchases. Due to confusion, many patients were unable to pick up their medicine today.

To read more about the medical marijuana trial run that Illinois is facilitating, check out the full story.