House members push to strip DEA of marijuana eradication funding

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Cannabis plant from http://www.usdoj....
Cannabis plant from (no longer there, but available via Internet Archive) Image is credited to DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), a United States Department of Justice agency. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ted Lieu, a democratic House Representative, is leading a group of 12 House members to defund the marijuana eradication team, according to The Washington Post.

The Cannabis Eradication Program is organized by the DEA, and it receives around $18 million in funding every year. The proposed provision would cut this funding in half, altering the current spending bill.


The new bill is designed to provide other programs, that are actually successful, with more funding. House members in support of the provision believe that the efforts of the marijuana eradication team are not producing enough benefits, considering the cost.

To read more about the bill Lieu proposes, see the full article. Statistics outlining the team’s work in 2014 can be found here.