City of Denver requires dispensaries to advertise recalls on social media

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Close up shot of some high quality ma...
English: Close up shot of some high quality marijuana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the past 10 weeks there have been eight recalls on marijuana products in Colorado, according to the Denver Post. City health officials are now requiring these dispensaries to advertise recalls online.

The new rule is designed to keep smokers in the know about the marijuana they are using. Any time inventory is produced using unapproved pesticides, owners of the business must make it known to the public using social media.


A member of the Cannabis Consumers Coalition, Larisa Bolivar, said she believes this is a much more effective way to get the word out.

“This is public safety,” Bolivar said in an interview with the Denver Post. “We need to be looking out for consumers’ best interests. It strikes me as irresponsible and greedy. When the government issues press releases, it does not reach everybody. A company posting about its recall on social media would ensure consumer confidence.”

To read more about recent marijuana recalls, or the new rule that Denver is imposing, check out the full story.