Boulder allocates $250K for teen marijuana and alcohol education

Capelli D'Angelo

Histopathology of liver showing alcoholic hyal...
Histopathology of liver showing alcoholic hyalin (Mallory bodies) characteristic of alcohol abuse. (PHIL-ID #864) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Legalization has sparked a debate in Boulder forcing city officials to question whether or not people understand the long term effects of their drug and alcohol habits. According to The Denver Post, the city will spend $250,000 to provide residents with education on marijuana, alcohol and other drug use starting in early 2016.

The classes will focus on substance abuse, but will also touch on the effects of marijuana. The program is designed to send a “unified message.”


The Director of Human Services, Karen Rahn, said she believes there is a misconception that marijuana is not harmful, now that it is legal.

“That perception is there with alcohol too, but because marijuana has recently been legalized, there is a window of opportunity to influence public perception,” Rahn said.

To read more about Boulder’s plan to implement the new education program, see the full story.