‘Addyson’s Story’ promotes Ohio medical marijuana

Capelli D'Angelo

The original file used to create this map was ...
The original file used to create this map was a locator map showing Stark County in Ohio. David Benbennick made this map. For more information, see Commons:United States county locator maps. On November 3, 2009, Ohioans went to the polls to cast their vote on three referendums, as well as many local issues and candidates. This map shows a county-by-county result of Issue 3, which allows four casinos to be constructed in Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Addyson Benton, a four-year-old diagnosed with epilepsy, has been advertising the benefits of medical marijuana to promote Issue 3, according to WTHITV. The advertisements are sponsored by ResponsibleOhio.

Issue 3 is a proposed amendment that would allow adults 21 and older to use marijuana recreationally. Tomorrow residents of Ohio will determine whether or not to implement a medical marijuana market.


Voters will have a choice between Issue 2 and Issue 3. Voting yes on Issue 2 would result in no change in the current marijuana laws, meaning it would still be illegal.

Before Addyson began using medical marijuana, she would have seizures at least once a day. Now she uses THC patches and cannabis oil to control the seizures. Addyson’s mother, Heather Benton, said she is happy to promote the measure.

”People actually think these children are going to be smoking marijuana,” Heather said. “No child is smoking marijuana.”

Originally the Benton family is from Ohio, but they moved to Colorado to legally treat Addyson’s epilepsy. To learn more about “Addyson’s Story” or Issue 3, check out the full article.