2,300 packages of marijuana recalled due to pesticide regulations

Capelli D'Angelo

Colorado pot shops are taking another hard hit, the state announced Tuesday. A second round of hash oil recalls happened this week after illegal pesticides were used during production, according to the Denver Post.

The extracts were made by 710 Labs, a Denver based company. The trim the blasters received bad trim from Tru Cannabis, resulting in a mass recall in mid-October. The co-owner Jason Martinez said the recall is necessary to maintain their high-quality reputation.


“This is all about the customer and patient and our quality name,” Martinez said. “We don’t want it tarnished by something we thought we had a handle on.”

This is the third dispensary to recall extracts after receiving production materials from Tru Cannabis. In the past 10 weeks, there have been eight recalls on cannabis products.

To read more about this recall or other Colorado cannabis recalls, see the full article.