Utah Legislature discusses proposed medical marijuana bills

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Utah State Capitol. Taken by me in 2002.
English: Utah State Capitol. Taken by me in 2002. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two new bills regarding medical marijuana were proposed to the Utah Legislature Wednesday, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Peter Haglin suffers from injuries he sustained while fighting in Irag, and would like to legally use cannabis as his medication. Haglin was also diagnosed with PTSD. He spoke before the Health and Human Services Interim Committee explaining the benefits of treating his condition with marijuana.


“We knew what we were getting into and we were good with it,” Haglin said. “But none of us knew what it was going to be like to live our lives after the dust had settled on our military careers.”

This is the second bill pitched to the legislature recommending a regulated medical marijuana market. They have not announced their position on either measure. They will hold another meeting in November to further discuss the issue.

To learn more about the bills pitched to the committee, read the full article.