Texas stoners march for marijuana at JFK Memorial Plaza

Capelli D'Angelo

Almost 1,000 people gathered in Dallas Saturday to protest the current marijuana laws. Supporters of legal weed filled the streets with signs and in costumes, according to a partner of ABC, WFAA News.

The ‘marijuana march’ started in JFK Memorial Plaza. “I giggle and laugh about it,” said Dale Turner, the “Pot Man”. “A lot of people wanted a picture with me today.”


NORML, an organization that helps states obtain softer marijuana laws, made an appearance at the event. The Executive Director of NORML based out of Dalles is Shaun Mcalister. In an interview with ABC news, Mcalister said he believes adults should be able to make the decision of whether they wish to smoke or not.

To read more about the ‘marijuana march’ or the campaign for softer marijuana laws in Texas, check out the full story.