Recent poll shows majority of Americans favor legal weed

Capelli D'Angelo

English: one high-quality "bud " nug...
English: one high-quality “bud ” nugget of marijuana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A poll released Wednesday indicates that more than half of Americans would like to see recreational marijuana legalized.

The poll was taken by Gallup, and the results showed that 58 percent of the 1,015 surveyed favor a regulated weed market.


Since legalization, use of the drug has gone up. According to USA Today, in 2013 about 5 percent more of all Americans claimed they smoked marijuana in the last year than did in 2001.

“There’s more use overall because people are recognizing that marijuana use is not as harmful as they were led to believe,” said Mason Tvert, a member of the Marijuana Policy Project.

To learn more about the survey taken by Gallup, or how members of the community are interpreting these results, check out the full story.